Platform technologies - The secret to Open Innovation

DATE: 18 Apr, 2016 | PUBLISHED BY: Open Innovation West

In reality, it does not matter what label you put on your innovation endeavours, it's the outcome that is all important. Let us put this unnecessary labelling to rest and keep it simple. Now there's an innovation in itself!

10 Simple Steps to Innovative Thinking

DATE: 13 Apr, 2016 | PUBLISHED BY: Open Innovation West

Innovation is often the essence of expansive business thinking. Innovation is a lot like hang gliding. There is both an absolute madness and absolute science to it. As Nils explains, 'when you can embrace the madness while trusting the science that's...

Leading edge versus bleeding edge

DATE: 13 Apr, 2016 | PUBLISHED BY: Open Innovation West

When it comes to innovation, we come across the dreaded curse of 'risk-itis'. After all there's so many stories of organisations blazing a path to be the first in a new filed or market only to come crashing down. Well that's what we're led to believe...

Five rings aerospace gains UAV operator's certificate

DATE: 12 Feb, 2016 | PUBLISHED BY: Open Innovation West

On the 12th of February 2016, the Civil Aviation Authority granted Five Rings Aerospace their UAV Operator's Certificate. The certificate provides approval for the operation of both powered lift (multi rotor) and fixed wing UAV's in the small categor...

Tri-Tech Chemical Wins!

DATE: 18 Nov, 2015 | PUBLISHED BY: Open Innovation West

Tri-Tech Chemical wins Best Industrial Energy Efficiency Project Award for 2015! Awarded by the Energy Efficiency Council, Australia's peak body for promoting energy efficiency, cogeneration and demand management.