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Posted on: 08 Aug, 2019

What Is Barrisol Ceilings And Authorized Barrisol Providers

Author: Larabuck

Barrisol is a company engaged in the construction industry. It is the trade name of the world-famous stretched ceiling system. The production of the ceilings is carried out in France and a network of Barrisol Providers in over 100 countries caters to the worldwide need.

The Barrisol stretch ceiling is a non-flammable sheet of PVC. This PVC is tightened under the effect of heat on the area of the walls using a patented system. The product, in addition, to be used in ceilings can also be used in wall coverings, light diffusers, floating panels, exhibitions, and creative shapes. The Barrisol Stretch ceilings can be used to decorate and design all kinds of public and residential spaces.

The Following Are Advantages Of Using A Barrisol Stretch Ceiling By A Barrisol Provider:

  1. Non-Flammable: It meets international standards of fire safety and can be used in places such as kitchens without any fear or hazard.
  2. Non-Toxic: According to the United States Testing Company Inc Biological Services Division and other International Safety Organizations the Barrisol ceilings have tested to be non-toxic.
  3. Permeability: Barrisol is impermeable and therefore can avoid or minimize water damage to surroundings as well as the ceiling itself.
  4. Public Space: It has been approved by the French Ministry to be used in Public Spaces after the tests have been conducted by competent authorities and it has also been passed by various international standards set by different countries.
  5. Sprinklers: authorized Barrisol providers can incorporate into the ceilings using appropriate techniques and Sprinklers. Certain types of Barrisol ceilings can allow sprinkler regulation openings in large spaces.
  6. Smoke-Clearing: The Barrisol sheet for smoke clearing is also available in certain specifications.
  7. Security Equipment’s: Any technical equipment including security camera’s, safety blocks or emergency sign can be incorporated into Barrisol ceilings and walls without causing any damage to the sheet itself and thus the product can be used freely in commercial spaces as well as residencies alike.
  8. Boats: Since Barrisol has been tested to be water proof and impermeable it has been approved by International companies to be used in boats.
  9. Food Hygiene: International organizations have tested and can vouch for Barrisol being safe and with no signs of bacterial development. It can completely be wiped clean and follows the standards of food hygiene.

Therefore, keeping all these features in focus original products by an authorized Barrisol Provider is definitely an option to be considered when installing new ceilings and other fixtures. They are available in different specifications and colors to suit the preferences of all users, are safe, fire and waterproof and installation is also not a very lengthy process.

However, the following conditions must be kept in mind which is absolutely essential for the installation of a Barrisol Ceiling:

  1. The ceilings are delivered from the factory in cardboard cartons and therefore the cartons have to be handled with care.
  2. Only authorized and trained Barrisol Provider personnel to install the ceilings since some adaptations might be required.
  3. The ceilings can only be installed in buildings which have finished with all construction work and are clean and dust-free.
  4. During installation in existing buildings, it is advised that small items are removed, and furniture is covered to prevent any kind of damage to them.
  5. Light fixtures and ventilation have to follow certain specifications so that no harm or wear and tear occurs in the ceiling.
  6. For removal or any assistance, it is advised that an authorized Barrisol Provider is consulted.

Trained Barrisol Providers are available in all major countries in the following continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle-East and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand).