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Posted on: 07 Jul, 2017

Tips for Outsourcing Data Entry Work Quickly & Flawlessly

Author: Nitin

Success can have wings. Hats must be off to the digitally advanced ecosystem of today. The startups can estimate their skyrocketing success right from the scratch in the present scenario. It’s no more a big deal with cloud and open source technology. These two technology changes are emerging as the most effective weapons to standout. Why is it so?

These evolutions don’t burn holes in your pocket. It means that you can run an online business within limited capital investment. You don’t need to own a huge infrastructure management system. Even, hosting-servers & software are also available to ensure data management. And they are unbelievably more economical.

Do you want to know how data-centric organizations deal with the tons of data? However, premium data scraping and data management tools have the efficiency to cater requirements. But with these a few quick tips and ‘how-to-do’ guidance, you can fulfill requirements of the similar data services:

How do outsourcing companies search Gmail quickly?

Gmail account is the richest repository. Digital landscape is almost omnipresent these days. Finding any email address in your inbox is like a piece of pie.

Suppose an HR of the recruitment firm was given a task, i.e. to recruit the software engineers. Gmail is the household name for inviting applicants. At the same, it’s a daunting challenge to filter out the most useful ones from thousands of online applications of various profiles.  But the ideal mash up of the brainstorming and digital knowledge can do it in a wink.

Here are the secrets underlying your Gmail box that most of the data-centric outsourcing organizations capitalize upon. So did the HR firm. Rather than logging in and out frequently, these tricks helped him access multiple users’ account simultaneously & quickly.

Let’s look at the two ideas that can be exponential for your outsourcing data projects as well: 

1. Multiple logins simultaneously: As various HRs have different accounts on Gmail, the records in multiple accounts can be accessible to one HR if desired. Let’s check ‘how’:

  • Log in a Gmail account.
  • Go to the up right of the window to click on the user’s image.
  • As you click, the box will open with the tab ‘Add Account’.  Click. 
  • Then, the new Gmail access window will open.
  • Add the new Gmail user name and enter password.

There is another option of bookmarking. You can follow these steps to make multiple Gmail accounts accessible in one-click. You can imitate these steps to bookmark various sites or webpages as well for enabling access-in-one click. 

2. Using bookmark option

  • Just log in to your Gmail account.
  • Press Ctrl+D.
  • A bookmark window will open.
  • Click on the edit tab at the bottom.
  • Add the syntax “/?authuser=….(email id)..” at the end of the url in the second tab.
  • You can edit the user name adding any prefix.
  • Subsequently, you can type the same prefix to click the Gmail account open without logging in. 

How can you share one file to many folders in the drive?

There are multitudes of data that you require frequently. Let’s consider an example. A team of data scrapers has to compile diverse sets of data, let’s say contact details of a particular domain. Prior to compilation, the list from each data scraper is collected. Most of the users prefer emailing option to the pick the files from separate executives. And it’s indeed an uphill battle to open, download and then, compile the list.

Here is the shortcut to assemble the data in a drive without going through the pain of mailing and downloading. This free drive allows you to safeguard multiple files and folders or their copies for lifelong. Even, you can edit and update all the files in one go. Any update to a file shared in multiple folders would automatically be upgraded if that file is modified.

Let’s kick start with the sharing of one file in various folders.

  • Open ‘Google Drive’ that would be located in the browser.
  • Select a file.
  • If you want to select many files together, use Ctrl+Windows key.
  • Then, press the combination keys “Shift+Z”.
  • A popup will appear.
  • Select the option “Add to folder”.
  • Further, select the folder & click on ‘Ok’.

How to delete shared file in multiple folders of Google Drive?

  • Open the drive.
  • Select the file that needs to be deleted.
  • Go to the activity sidebar that would be located on the same window but in the separate pane.
  • Its location would be visible, that can be in multiple folders.
  • Go to the folder wherein is the file that needs to be deleted.
  • Click the ‘X’ symbol that would be right to the folder names.

The file would be erased from all the folders through one place, i.e. Google drive, by saving on time and money.