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Posted on: 13 Feb, 2020

The Benefits Of A Biometric Time Clock

Author: Amelia Varley

With the advancement in technology, the maintenance of a manual attendance register for employees is becoming obsolete. With the huge toll of work pressure, companies tend to install devices that will save every second and minute of the employees. Moreover, you can find some errors in the handwritten manual registers and you cannot track the attendance of your employees who are working in a flexible schedule. It is derogatory not only to the safety of employees but important documents and assets also.

The best solution is the installation of a biometric time clock. A biometric time clock is a scanning device to monitor the entry and exit of employees. They scan the fingerprints, iris or even facial features. A biometric time clock monitors and maintains every employee’s working hours and you can maintain your payroll management with the help of these biometric time clocks. There is also no headache of carrying identity cards or pin codes for entering the office premises as the biometrics are already saved.

Advantages of a biometric time clock:

  • The biggest advantage of a biometric time clock is there will be no chance of buddy punching or fraudulent attendance. As no two people can share their biometrics. A biometric time clock is an accurate tracking device. Occurrences of thefts will also decrease as no unauthorized person can enter the office premises. So you can keep your office safe from intruders and you can install a biometric time clock at the main entrance of your commercial premises.
  • The accuracy of a business is enhanced through a biometric time clock as the company gets to worry less about security matters. Employees can no longer loiter in and out of the office as they will be tracked at every entry and exit.
  • The accountability and responsibility of an employee are enhanced by a biometric time clock. They cannot take longer breaks than the stipulated time as they will be tracked by the tracking device.
  • It is easy to use and install a biometric time clock. Very little knowledge is required to operate a biometric time clock. With increased work pressure and less working hours, these technically advanced devices are a boon to any company.
  • A biometric time clock is very effective as it can scan fingerprints even with dust and moisture. Moreover, the biometrics including fingerprints and iris scan are securely stored as they use algorithms to store the data.
  • A biometric time clock not only stores biometric to monitor the attendance of employees but it also helps you to calculate an employee’s payroll and total working hours.

How to install a biometric time clock?

  • A biometric time clock comes at various forms and prices. The first step is to access and decide what type of tracking device would be best suited for your company or school. You can visit various suppliers before selecting the best biometric time clock. You can also search them online to choose the best one.
  • The next step is the installation of the biometric time clock. For this, different types of LAN and power wires are required. In this regard, you can hire a trained professional to configure your biometric time clock.
  • The next step involves feeding all the fingerprints and biometrics of employees in the biometric time clock. The technician and his team of experts will train all the members who will operate the tracking device.  Plus, they will register your employees data in your biometric clock and train you to maintain the same in future.

The above article is an overview of how to install and use a biometric time clock. You can go through the article and get an idea of how a tracking device works.