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Posted on: 30 Aug, 2019

Steps for Web Design to Development Process

Author: conveyz

Website Design Brisbane can be a tricky feat to accomplish and with the demands ever rising, you are sure to meet several challenges. If you are a customer who wishes to get a website designed, you need an experienced website designer with great experience in the field of web designing. But, you will be surprised over how many experienced web designers can make simple mistakes.

This is the reason why mastering the basics is important. The steps for web design to development process are crucial to understand for customers who don’t know of what they are getting into.

To help you with your new quest, here are simple steps that will guide you head on into the website designing world.

Steps for Web Design to Development Process?

Information Gathering:

Information gathering is a crucial planning-type phase where web designers have to understand what the website is going to look like and what its purpose of existence is. The web designer will ask as many questions as they want to from you because ultimately, that is going to decide how the website is going to end up.

The website designer will gather information from you on what kind of color scheme you wish to implement, where type of pages you want and what kind of information you would want to put in it. They will also ask you about the future purpose of your website and what goal your company is trying to achieve (if it is for a business). This will allow them to modify and adjust several settings according to your need. 

Plan your Sitemaps and Wireframes:

This part of the entire process basically summarizes the information gathering phase. The website developer removes all the clutters and extra information to only add the most important bits. Then they make a full flowchart to show what goes where and how the website will go about being developed in the coming weeks. They also put in information of when the owner will get a trial where they could edit anything they don’t wish to see in the website and give the green light for the final version.

The sitemap also helps you (the customer) to understand how the inner structure of your website will look like once it is done. Once the sitemaps are approved, the website designer has to move towards making a wireframe which is a visual representation of the sitemap.

Design Page Layout and Take Reviews:

This is the phase where the actual website takes shape. Once the wireframe is approved, the website is given life by adding custom designs as well as images, logos and other details that sets it aside from all the other websites on the internet. The information that was gathered in the beginning becomes crucial here because the web designer has to take the owner’s wishes into account and mold the site to your needs.

The website layout is the designer’s own imagination put to use as they design a customized template for you. Once everything is done, the website can be sent for review from the customer and if for any reason they do not like it, the designer has to redo the entire three steps to make it work this time.


Every website building has some steps to it and you can get a better idea by contacting Conveyz located in Web Design Brisbane. We will get you up to speed about what you can expect once we start the process and how much time does it take to deliver.