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Posted on: 29 Jun, 2017

mPOS Can Be Real Game Changer for Gold Coast Hospitals

Author: Rohit Sharma

Let’s take an example of drug retailers in Gold Coast. An emerging drug store became a household name within short span of just six months. Even though, it was commenced with low investment.  On the contrary, the other one was 6-year old. It still is struggling to scale heights despite huge capital investment. What’s the reason? Why is there such a huge difference in their growth structure?

Well, positive cash-flow plays crucial role for the growth & branding all kinds of businesses. Likewise, hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical retailers intend to call in cash-flow with the same intentions. Undoubtedly, the patients do come for drugs and medical modalities. But only a few drug storefronts have capability to return great customer experience.  

So! How can we do so?

Well, it’s no big deal while living in the era of internet & technology. With the advent of mobile point of sale system, learning customer’s behavior is possible in a wink. If you are new to this term, let I introduce you to it briefly.

What’s mobile Point of Sale or mPOS?

Typically, point of sale (PoS ) is the place of making sales and purchases. And when the mobile becomes that place for making transactions, it is known as mPOS.

As artificial intelligence is in with its exclusive features, transactions through mobile are like a piece of pie. The merchant can run a retail shop on the best POS system from the scratch to entertain customers by billing seamlessly like never before. Likewise, customers can carry their debit or credit card in their mobile phone for frictionless scanning to pay the bills/invoice.     

Isn’t it exciting to carry mPOS in your handset?

How does mPOS work?

A hidden desire of finding frictionless way of billing always stays in the subconscious of customers and merchants. This is why most of the modern business owners always on the lookout for the revolutionary business ways. Improvement in the cash-flow is their everlasting desire.

Recently, a survey was conducted over 33,000 individuals. It stated IoT hindrances and costing as the massive blow to the healthcare industry of Australia. With rotten manual transaction process, it’s an uphill task to dream for premium healthcare services.

Along with evolutionary health treatments, the Australian hospitals are in urgent want of excellent POS system. Thereby, the transaction process can be sped up. It would cause ripple effect to the health of civilians.

Let’s say a hospital in Gold Coast capitalizes on the best mPOS system. It turned a simple smartphone to a card-payment acceptance solution.

  • For initializing this service, its owner of the hospital purchased a card reader from the authentic bank. However, it is available with the online retailers and street retailers. 
  • He got approval of the card usage in a day.
  • Subsequently, he downloaded the merchant PoS software for hospital transactions & inventory control.
  • That’s all done! He became ready to accept payment via his smart phone.

The data entry staff of that hospital started carrying on billing transaction of blood reports, drugs, X-ray report, CT scan and other modalities on mobile phone. With the access to cloud-based mPOS, it scanned the invoices. It made printing of receipts possible through the tapping of a finger. The wi-fi connected printer instantly processed the printing request. Resultantly, the patients began going through seamless and hasty billing procedure.

In the above case, the owner of that hospital can add more peripherals, like printer, scanner, tag printer and many more devices, for providing quick POS solutions to Gold Coast hospital’s customers.

In association with POS software for hospitals, inventory & expenses can be managed in a jiffy. It not only provides proactive control over the billing transactions but it also enables maintenance of customer loyalty, discounts & promotions.

Let’s catch on these and a lot more features that this system offers. 

What features does a mobile Point of Sale offer?

Now, you have enough acknowledgement of this premium mobile application. You can run a small clinic with this comprehensive mPOS in your smartphone. Even, the doctors can go remotely and help the patients who run out of cash.

  • It can be integrated to single outlet or multiple hospitals online or offline.  
  • It portability offers touch-n-scan option that eliminate the requirement of separate scanner and printer.
  • Bills or invoices can be created through voice command.
  • The order tickets for treatment modalities in the hospitals/ clinics can be raised with it quickly.   
  • Multiple payment gateways are appended to it which enable cash-less as well as in-cash payment.
  • Inventory becomes an ‘easy to manage’ task from anywhere and anytime.
  • The crystal clear picture of expenses would come up front. Thereby, strategies or alternatives to overcome those expenses can be drafted.
  • Since the customers demography would be derived on the basis of real-time data, maintenance of customer loyalty programs, coupons, discounts and promotions become easy.
  • Acknowledgement of top selling products makes sure availability of them all the time.