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Posted on: 11 Sep, 2019

Important Information About Orthokeratology And Its Uses In Correcting Eyesight

Author: Lara Buck

Are you acquainted with the term Orthokeratology? Well, Orthokeratology, is commonly known as Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) or Overnight Vision Correction. This is the technique that corrects the vision by reshaping the cornea of the eyes temporarily, with the use of refractive lenses. Specially designed contact lenses that allow the diffusion of oxygen in and out of the cornea are chosen for this type of optical treatment. It is considered as the best alternative of eye surgery or laser therapy and saves patients from all discomforts.

Many people suffer from short-sightedness or myopia, due to which they cannot see distant things properly. Often aged people suffer from hyperopia or far-sightedness when they cannot see objects close to their eyes. Orthokeratology is a saviour for them also. Let’s check the facts related to orthokeratology.


Facts To Be Known About The Application Of Orthokeratology


  • Usually, it is advised to wear these corrective lenses for overnight so that the lenses get sufficient time to flatten the defective cornea. Meanwhile, the lenses allow the oxygen to enter the eyes and keep the eye muscles in a healthy state. In the morning, these lenses are taken out and the corneas remain in flattened condition throughout the day, for which the patient will not feel his/her eye problem anymore. However, patients need to wear these lenses every night, to maintain the best effects of these lenses as per the rules of orthokeratology.


  • Ortho-K is the short form of orthokeratology. The treatment with Ortho-k lenses is the best option for stopping the growth of myopia in children’s eyes. These lenses help in correcting the defective refractive index of the natural eye lens and reshape the cornea when the lenses are put on for overnight. Apart from myopia, other eye problems, like hyperopia, astigmatism, and even presbyopia can be cured to some extent with the help of CRT treatment.


  • When the patient stops wearing the ortho-k lenses at night, his/her vision problem will be back. So this treatment is suggested only for those people who are suffering from a mild or moderate degree of myopia. Laser eye surgery cannot be performed on too young kids and they also show reluctance in wearing glasses, for which orthokeratology is the ideal treatment for restoring their normal vision. Some adults are also found to be ineligible for optical surgery, due to dryness of eyes or other adverse health conditions. Thus, they need to use ortho-k lenses to see properly, if they do not want to wear glasses or contact lens.


  • There are reputed brands that manufacture lenses for orthokeratology, with special designs according to the nature of the eye problems. The eye specialists examine the eyes minutely and consider all aspects before prescribing the best Ortho-k lenses to their patients, to reshape the cornea of their eyes. The cornea is a transparent, dome-shaped structure that covers the entire front part of an eye and it is made of flexible muscles.  Ortho-k lenses are very rigid and can change the shape of the cornea, for correcting the vision problem of the wearer.


Numbers of clinical studies on patients suffering from myopia have shown that orthokeratology can reduce the intensity of this vision problem and stops its progress effectively. Hence, it is an ideal treatment for sportspersons who cannot wear glasses or contact lens during their sports events. However, these lenses should be cleaned carefully with disinfectants every morning, after taking out from the eyes. These patients should continue visiting the eye specialists at regular intervals so that the eyes remain healthy and the lenses fit perfectly without causing any discomfort.