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Posted on: 10 Feb, 2020

How Often Should We Clean Our Curtains?

Author: Daniel Clark

Curtains are stylish additions to our homes. Available in variant sizes and designs, they can uplift the beauty of any room. Curtains are much more than a beautiful addition. They enhance privacy as well as shade us from the sun when there is extreme heat.

Do you remember those grand promises of cleaning curtains regularly while buying curtains for your home? Oppss, guilty now of not keeping your promises?

To ensure curtains keep the decor of our home and shade us, it is very important to clean curtains often without any time negotiation.

Do you know that unattended curtains can give birth to moulds and mildews, which are linked to give birth to respiratory diseases and allergic reactions? Hopefully, this motivates you to get your curtains clean very often.

Before getting in the soapbox of cleaning; there is something you need to know. If curtains do not have any stain of food, oil, or any spot of any chemical, does not mean they are clean. Spots are surely not any criteria to measure the cleanliness of any curtain or blind.

How often should we clean curtains?

If you are living in a busy city or an area then your curtains will always be crowded like a sidewalk restaurant or cafe during the weekend, in such cases washing or cleaning curtains or blind once every 3 months is highly mandatory. The same goes for people living near the busiest city lanes or near the city’s market. Also, people living near the beach must consider the fresh salty scent of air is charming but to visitors but not for curtains.

Similarly, if any person in the home is allergic to dust or is hypersensitive with untidiness, you need to increase the count for your curtain clean. You must more often clean the curtains and blinds else there are maximum chances that the person with allergies notice reactions.

Curtains and blinds are now available in many different designs, shapes, and materials. Not all the curtains are hand-washed; to maintain the quality of the curtains, we must strictly abide by cleaning & washing instructions directed by curtain-maker.

Today, there is a lot of advancement and change in the designing industry. Some curtains are customized with embroidery and border for amplifying the overall beauty of the home. Such curtains need special cleaning care. Any attempt to clean such customized curtains in the washing machine or with special chemicals will severely backfire. It is a wise idea to hand over such curtains to curtain cleaning experts.

The frequency of cleaning curtain will depend on various factors such as the fabric of curtain, colours, the intricacy of customization, and directives of curtain cleaning makers. A hard-wearing fabric in a dark colour can be washed or dry cleaned as needed once every six months while a soft pastel fabric will need to clean a tri-monthly routine.

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Cleaning curtain and blind is not only necessary to enhance the aesthetic look of the home, but it is also necessary to protect our health and breathe fresh. Clean curtains will efficiently keep surrounding healthy and happy. A clean home is a happy and comfortable home. As they say, cleanliness is next to godliness.

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