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Posted on: 30 Jul, 2019

Here Are Top 5 Shade Covers for Your Cars

Author: Zoe Sewell

Shades have been developed quite a while ago to protect you from the scorching heat and damaging rays from the sun. Most of the countries require such facility during their commute from one place to another. However, the sunshades may not provide you with the best possible solution to stay cool, yet they are beneficial to avoid getting burned in the sun. In order to defy the rays falling directly on to your eyes, shade covers have proven to be your buddy.

While this accessory is overlooked most of the time, it is still considered essential and therefore, we have brought to you top 5 covers of the year to ease out your process of searching for the best sunshade cover for your car. The black side of the shade covers that are used for the cars generally face inward while the silver-coated side faces the sunlight.

The Top 5 Picks of the Year:

1. OxGord foldable auto sunshade

OxGord is a great option for the buyers who are tight on a budget yet yearning for a quality and effective shade cover. As compared to other shade covers, it has a reflective material that blocks the harmful UV rays of the sun from entering the car. The dimension of this sunshade is roughly 63x35 inch which fits most of the side windows of the cars. Since the product is made up of fabric, it becomes easy to tuck the fabric in the window cavity.

2. Veenev car sunshade

Using a car shade in the rear avoids the backseats of the car from heating up. The Veenev car shades come with a storage pouch for easy transportation and have two large rear window shades with four side window shades. This shade cover is easy to install as it comes with a suction cup which sticks to the windows effectively. The shade not only protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun but also has effective visibility for the driver through which the driver can navigate the roads.

3. Shade-It windshield sunshade

The third among other shade covers is Shade-It which is designed very cleverly so that it becomes effective to carry the shades along without taking much space of your backseat. The sunshade can be twisted and folded into a thin, round shape which fits remarkably into the carrying case giving you leverage on compactness. Being made up of nylon, the sunshade is tear-resistant thereby, confirming durability. The shade cover can be found in three different sizes.

4. Shade sox universal fit

As the name suggests, this car shade can fit the window of any car. Be it SUV or luxury sedan, this simple nylon made the fabric is simple to install and easy to carry. Moreover, it is considered the best among other shade covers in a similar price range. It is flexible with a roll down arrangement that provides you with the extra space and convenience while packing them up.

5. Retractable window shade covers

If you are low on the storage space and want shade covers to cater to that issue, these retractable window shades are the best option for you. The sunshade is foldable as well as retractable that saves you enough space. Retractable means you can simply pull up and pull down the shade covers.

So, these are the top 5 shade covers of the year and we hope that you have found your pick. All these shades are available in the market and with online retailers. Comparing the sunshades, you can pick the most suitable for you. You can customize the shade covers depending on the style and the color of your car, and you can also choose these shade covers online to save your car from the variations of heat, sun, and rain.