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Posted on: 10 Feb, 2020

Five warning signs that we are going for low-quality veneer sheets

Author: russellbutlere

A veneer is an eco-friendly product that ensures to give us the high benefit of better quality surface and high durability. The most important thing about this aspect is that it can be highly flexible for anything we need to construct. It is capable enough to turn a simple wall into art that our guests will appreciate at first glance.

While considering to purchase high-quality veneers Tasmania, we need to make sure of considering many aspects. We can consider many aspects before confirming which type of veneer board we aspire to buy. These include pricing, application, and even appearance. However, most of us forget to remind ourselves of important points while purchasing veneer timber for the first time. Before making the decision, we can go through the points mentioned below and learn about the warning signs that make us buy a low-quality product.

We ended up choosing worst appearing veneer timber

Appearance can be the most important thing to consider while choosing timber. Being keen about species is necessary for most of us for making sure that we can get high-quality material. For that, we can look if the appearance of the timber is fine or not. We might be able to understand what a perfect veneer timber looks like by going through various examples ourselves. We can choose to approach various shops and see their veneer types available. After that, we can find a way to compare the appearance and consider the one that's been best at affordable rates.

Stained surface

Sometimes when we approach the shop, we might end up finding damaged pieces. At such a time, we would have to ensure that we can get high-quality Woon at affordable rates. Sometimes the professionals would polish and colour to make it look more attractive. However, the surface wouldn't be properly polished in a way that can be defined as a perfect wooden surface. We might even see permanent stains on the surface of the wood because of the carelessness of the workers. This can be one of the warning signs that we need to avoid while choosing the product from the shop.

Don't go for a false timber

At times we might end up seeing a duplicate copy of the veneer timber that can cost us more than anything else. A wood piece being provided with stains on the surface wouldn't be very good for our building purposes. We might even end up going for false timber without recognising a high-quality product. The first thing to consider while approaching the shop to get veneer timber is to ensure to verify it with its weight. When we talk about real solid wood, experts say that such good quality products would be really happy. If we end up with something different time does perhaps light-weighted Timber, we have surely obtained a false product.

Every veneer timber comes after processing in the factories for a long time before it reaches the house of an individual. Before finalising any type of timber for construction purposes at home, what we should do is observed where the veneer is attached to the piece. The product we have been able to obtain can end up being unfurnished. We may not even get the horizontal green pattern that is usually present on the edges of a veneered timber.


It is mandatory for most of us to approach the Tasmanian timber suppliers providing real products at affordable rates. The Bunker is one of the famous companies that can do this for us. We just have to make sure to approach the company and get further guidelines on how to identify a real veneer timber.