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Posted on: 28 Jun, 2019

CNC Plasma Cutter and 5 Industrial Uses

Author: Zoe Sewell

Plasma cutting is one of the most important recent technology innovations. Plasma is a state of matter which is obtained by passing an electric current through a normally electrically inert gas. This promotes the gas to undergo a cautious discharge thereby producing a state of matter known as plasma. This plasma state can be used for cutting different types of materials very precisely, and therefore a CNC plasma cutter finds use on a large scale in a number of different sectors.

A plasma cutter not only provides more precision but is also generally much less fast in operation, compared to traditional cutters. Yet another advantage of them is they can be fully automated via robotic technology, enabling less manual involvement, being both cost and time effective.

Some of The Common Uses of A CNC Plasma Cutter Are As Follows:

The art Industry:

The art industry involves working with a lot of sculptures and designs. A large number of them are composed of metals. In such cases, a laser cutter can provide the delicate and accurate cut which is often required to produce a beautiful piece of art from metal. An artist can easily bring his metalwork to life now with ease and precision, not having to rely on the generally unreliable manual skill which is used traditionally.

The Automotive Industry:

One of the largest uses of a CNC plasma cutter is seen in the automotive industry. An automotive factory produces a large number of parts for its vehicles in a single day. In such an environment, it is necessary to have a tool to handle manufacturing efficiently and fast. This can be achieved by plasma cutting technology, which is a major boon to the high production capabilities of most automotive factories. The diverse settings on a plasma cutter ensure that a single machine can be used for multiple parts cutting.

The Shipping Industry:

The shipping industry goes through a large quantity of heavy duty metal cutting using heavy machinery involved in shipbuilding. The entire process is a complicated one and takes a lot of finesse and precision to handle. Such cutting processes usually take a long time doing via conventional machinery. But production times can be drastically reduced by using a CNC plasma cutter, which also enables one to get the precision required.


Electronics is now a rapidly developing technological field and finds its use in almost all areas of our lives. Electronics often deals with micro connections in devices such as computers and mobiles. Such small components need to but extremely precisely and with regularity to get the required output from the components. This can be only done feasibly with the help of automated robotic CNC plasma cutter. It is one field that is completely dependent on the surgical precision of plasma cutter technology since it is beyond the ability of manual skill set of machines to get the required precision levels.

Mining Industry:

The mining industry is another field where plasma cutters and drills are used on a large scale. Regular mining equipment is dependent on heavy machinery than consumes a ton of energy and is also damaging ecologically. A plasma drill is much more cost effective and produces better drilling while consuming less energy and being favorable towards the environment. Also, its ability to cut through different thickness and types of materials is noteworthy.

CNC Plasma cutter uses plasma technology as a tool for producing precise and fast cutting technology that finds utility in a number of ways in different fields. It is set to gradually become the main stream in even more industries in the future as it gets adapted for more uses.