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Posted on: 22 Jan, 2018

Best Merchant Service Providers for Small Businesses In Australia

Author: Samy Jones

Keeping a business afloat requires you to comprehensively make use of merchant services and other platforms that will help you to do your business from anywhere. Clients like to interact with your business and make payments easily which makes your business attractive to them.

As it is with any service, merchant service providers in the market are competing to provide the best services. To help you choose the best, we will provide you with few of the best options in Australia.



One of the known services of Australia, ANZ has a huge market capitalization. They operate in more than 30 other countries. They provide decent services in terms of customer support and availability of services.

Even though they have a larger presence, their fees and charges are high with very low interest rates. Customers are wary while using their international services.



One of the lesser known services, Safe2Pay had a recent start with great reviews. Started off by DataQuest IT Solutions to give personalized payment solutions. Having a backup of their extensive customer support when starting this new venture, they had a head start on launching their payments app.


Being a relatively new service, they stay ahead by using their extensive knowledge base on tech. The gateway includes all the latest and fastest service options. Safe2Pay is strictly a payment gateway which supports e-commerce and small businesses and therefore does not offer loan services. They have trouble acquiring a customer base, but Safe2Pay seems to be here for the long run.



Paypal is one of the largest online payment services. They have a tie up with eBay and stays on the front end for easy transactions on the go. They are a good option for people who are starting out with their business. They have no extra charges.

However, they lag compared to credit cards for payments and heavy usage statistics result in glitches. This gives them mixed reviews and tend to make urgent transactions unreliable. Some banks do not support their services as they seek to work with their own payment systems.



NAB is rated as a very good savings accounts and low rates of interest. Their services include Online Banking, Personal and Home loans, Debt Payment schemes and Credit Cards.

They suffer on international transactions front and there are complaints regarding incorrect bank statements, but still manages to keep most of their customers happy with their services. They issue loans easier than banks such as Heritage Bank.


Heritage Bank

Known for their stringent customer verification which can seem a little bit of a pain, Heritage Bank offers personalized approach to banking. Their range of services offer Home Loans, Credit Cards, Term deposits, Personal Loans among few others.

Reviewed with contradicting responses from customers, they are best known for their loan services rather than Credit Card options.