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Posted on: 12 Feb, 2020

Alternative Retaining Techniques That You Can Consider!

Author: Daniel Clark

Do you have a slanting property? You will have to implement some way to handle the slanting. The way you choose to handle the slanting depends upon the degree of slant and the type of earth. Retaining walls are the well-known and widely used options, but there are a few alternatives to retaining walls that you can consider. 

Retaining walls are basically walls that fixed into the earth with some style so that you can deal with the slope while giving it an attractive look.  Retaining walls are not the only option to deal with the slope.

Here are some of the alternatives to retaining walls that you can use in your backyard or someplace else:

Natural stone walls – for the people who are in love with nature, here is a natural way to deal with sloping. Natural stone walls are the very effective and beautiful alternative of retaining walls and have numerous uses.  Usually, you will come across a wall of natural rock in a garden.  Do you know that it is used as a retaining bar for avoiding landslide? They are also used for avoiding high tides and falls. Natural rock walls are a great option because they easily mix-up with the surroundings and also they are pleasing and environment-friendly. You will find a variety of colors and types in natural stone and the use of local rock to build the wall will prove to be cost-effective.

Modular retaining walls –  Modular retaining walls are a way of retaining soil. It can be done without any help with retaining blocks. Retaining blocks are joined together without any use of pins or mortar.

Reinforced soil slopes – it very easy alternative to retention walls. The use of geotextile or polypropylene or polyethylene wire makes its construction simple and quick. In this existing soil is locked in its place to prepare an unbreakable mass. This option is highly effective in slope less than 450 and it is economical as existing soil is used without the need to bring any more.  This option can be used in numerous cases as it makes most part of the land usable and you can protect the natural look and beauty of the land also. Reinforced soil slopes are the best option if you are looking for a temporary retention wall.

Twin side retaining walls – Twin side retaining walls are an attractive alternative of retaining walls. The walls are built from pre-made material. They are appropriate for use in most of the soils.

Gabion walls – in case of water, it is the best option for sloping land. It uses wire cages that are stuffed with sand, rock, or stones with let water flow freely along with providing support to the slope. The cages are wired and placed back in the sloped land and for its construction, there is no need for a solid base. There are different sizes available in cages that provide flexibility during construction. Gabion walls are cheap compared to other options and its construction cost is also low. Its duration depends upon the wire; once they fall short, everything will fall apart.

Soil bioengineered walls – it is quite a new retaining wall option available in the market. It uses living material in construction. Cut branches are united with natural rock or geotextile for providing instant support to the land and it begins to grow into the soil. It provides an extraordinary appearance to the wall as the part of branches that is out will start to grow and will give a natural and makes the wall pleasing to the eyes.  This option is realistic and highly economical as the technology used to build this wall is low cost and simple.