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Posted on: 12 Aug, 2019

Advantages Of Using Planer Boards

Author: lara buck

When the fish hear the sound of a boat, they generally hide in areas far away from it making it harder for the fisherman to catch the fish. The common solution to this is letting out more fishing line which will lead to limited area and it will make the bait sink deeper which might not be ideal for the kind of fish that was being targeted or the line also runs the risk of getting caught between weeds or other obstructions and therefore planer boards are made to combat this.

Planer Boards are Extremely Simple to Install and Use.

It consists of three major components that have to be assembled before it can be used which include the following:

  1. The planer boards
  2. A line with tackle (either live bait or a lure)
  3. A rod and reel

Alternatively, pre-assembled planer board mast systems are also available. They are characterized as one of the most useful but underutilized tools in the fishing industry because of the lack of knowledge as to where they can be found or how they are used.

At its very basic, planer boards are used by fishermen to cover more area at one time, have more control over their lines and reach places that they otherwise might not have been able to reach by using regular fishing techniques. Most boards are made of plastic, foam, have some type of keel weight, and a series of clips to attach to the line.

There are several advantages of using planer boards. They allow the fisherman to have more than one line going on at a particular point in time and it also allows them to extend their lures further without having to worry about their lines sinking or getting caught.

Benefits of using planer boards

The main benefits received from using planer boards can be listed as below:

  1. They spread the lines away from the boat: Every country and even state may have their own restriction on the number of the fishing line allowed for every boat. If for example there are more than 5 lines in the water used by two or more people, it will lead to a disaster. All the lines will jumble, and no one will end up completing their objective. Planer boards eliminate the twisted, knotted situation by spreading the lines to the side of the boat.
  2. They let you know when a fish has taken the bait: when a fish hits the line, its weight will cause the board to fall back and that will be an indication that a fish has taken the bait. There are various upgraded versions of planer boards which have advanced flag systems for indication. 
  3. Each line can be staggered throughout the water column which will enable the fisherman to target a specific depth with each line

Planer boards are highly effective tools and very easy to assemble and use. It is highly recommended that they are used for commercial or even recreational fishing. With a planer board, the fisherman has complete control over the depth and distance that he wants the bait or lure to be placed. Different kinds of planer boards allow a distance of about 150 feet or more away from the side of the boat itself and the depth can be controlled simply by increasing or decreasing the length of the line between the board and the lure. The shape of the board is designed in such a way that when it is let out in a current it will automatically move to the side similar to the shape of the wings of an airplane which help it to ascend or descend. Depending on the type of the board it will move either to the port or starboard side of the boat.