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Posted on: 20 Apr, 2016

Dreamweaver shipper encompasses the best in local innovation


Dreamweaver IP Pty Ltd has designed the Dreamweaver shipper, which is a fully recyclable shipper for the transport of temperature-sensitive perishable products. Overcoming many challenges along the way, the owner has come up with a product that is effective, can move a wide variety of items, and is set to have a positive impact on the environment globally.

The idea for Dreamweaver was generated four years ago, when owner Andy Moulynox was consulting for five-star hotels internationally. He found that luxury island resorts used polystyrene boxes to bring in all perishable foodstuffs. These boxes had to be disposed of and in some cases this meant burning them or seeing them end up as pollution in the ocean.

Andy began thinking about the number of polystyrene boxes that are used globally, and the environmental implications of their disposal. He decided to sell all his assets and invest in development of a 100 per cent recyclable container for industries such as agriculture, aquaculture, biologics, pharmaceuticals and ready-made meals.

His goal is for the fully recyclable Dreamweaver shipper to be the packaging of choice for perishable goods transportation, reducing waste to landfill, reducing plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing rates of recovery for recycling. The project is now at stage 6, market validation, in the 7-step process of idea to commercialisation.

“Four companies are collaborating with us to trial the products,” said Andy. “Between them, they use 9 million polystyrene boxes a year, so if trials are successful they will benefit tremendously. We’ve already completed seven trial flights to the USA, and have safely delivered over 95,000 doses of life saving cancer drugs using our shippers.

“In December 2014 we successfully completed recycling trials at the Australian Pulp and Paper Institute at Monash University. And over the last 18 months we’ve done lots of work in temperature chambers, checking on resistance to varying temperatures and humidity levels so we can simulate real-world conditions over a delivery cycle. This involves a lot of different tests, as sending a box of blueberries to Dubai is very different to sending blood products to the USA. After so much work, we think we have our processes right.”

Andy and the Dreamweaver team predict that their products will generate significant energy savings.

“One of our collaborators, an agricultural company, uses 700,000 boxes a year,” said Andy. “We can deliver four flat-packed shippers for every one new empty polystyrene box that they use. So that means taking three out of every four delivery trucks off the road. All day every day, that’s a huge saving on transport costs, road usage and environmental footprint.

“And if our pharmaceutical contract is signed, 1100 tonnes of CO2 will be saved from aircraft fuel emissions alone. The potential of what we’re hoping to do in terms of energy saving measures is immense.”

A key feature of the Dreamweaver container is that it can be deposited in existing commercial and domestic recycling collections. As it becomes commercialised and its use spreads across the perishable goods industries, it will result in significant reductions of packaging to landfill and increased recovery of packaging across these industries, their supply chains and final consumers. Even with a conservative estimate of 50%, increased recovery would be substantial.