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  • Thomas
    ebm-papst A&NZ

    Long term strategies need to drive day to day decisions not only in business but in general.

  • Mel

    The breakfast networking events are ideal way of keeping stakeholders informed and to make connections with other businesses in the region.

  • Barbara

    Listening to the panel members speak about their businesses, experience and thoughts on innovation was a valuable part of the OIW Conference.

  • Eleni

    The OIW Conference made me challenge a few things in our business and gave me the momentum to keep innovating, especially when it comes to our business model.

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Success Stories

  • Downer’s operations in Melbourne's west are set to increase

    A global company with sites in Newport and South Dynan, Downer promotes innovation to ensure continuous improvement and business success. Recently it has improved process technology, introduced a comprehensive production system across the organisation and is offering a point of difference to suppliers who may otherwise deal with competitors overseas.

  • Melbourne’s weather a key factor for New World Whiskey

    Six years ago, the New World Whiskey Distillery started producing whisky out of its headquarters in a former Qantas maintenance hangar in Essendon Fields. The aim was to embrace innovation and avoid being constrained by the ‘old world’ way of doing things. Today the Distillery is winning international awards, most recently Best Craft Distiller Whiskey and a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco Global Spirits Competition.

  • Innovation and continuous improvement delivers significant CO2 emission savings for RCPA

    Innovation and continuous improvement have led RCPAs development of a low carbon concrete pipe that delivers significant CO2 emission savings. RCPA uses a high output, low waste, cleaner and safer process (vertical dry cast) for pipe manufacture to develop a new low carbon pipe that doesn’t use normal Portland cement, which has high carbon content. The company aims to extend its reach across Australia by progressively rolling out new technology, high output manufacturing processes, innovative high performance products and a superior service model.

  • Australia’s biggest car manufacturer Toyota earning almost $1.3 billion in export income

    In 2014, Toyota produced 90,000 vehicles of which 70% were exported. Innovation is apparent across all parts of the company’s operation – suppliers, procurement, development and design, production, logistics, dealerships, disposal and recycling. And collaboration is an important part of Toyota’s continuous improvement process, which includes a focus on energy saving measures. Underpinning all of this is strong staff involvement and engagement.

  • Five Rings Aerospace takes collaboration to a new level

    The company has taken a new approach to manufacturing, collaborating with local businesses to provide a holistic service with Production Approval from the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Under this model, individual suppliers can now work in the highly-regulated aviation industry, customers deal with just one authorised entity and Five Rings significantly grows its business.

  • Award-winning SAV-EFF fast fall system a success for the marine and boating industries

    Savwinch makes drum-style electric boat anchor winches and accessories for the marine and boating industries. Their core innovation is the SAV-EFF, an electronically controlled, variable speed unit that allows the winch to drop the anchor as fast as a free fall system but with complete user control.

  • Mainstream Aquaculture catapulted onto the international stage with quality seafood products

    Mainstream Aquaculture distributes its food products into premium retail outlets and restaurants around Australia and exports juvenile barramundi to 21 countries across five continents, to farms that produced fish for almost 100 million people globally last financial year. The company has undergone a decade of very successful R&D, followed by a commercialisation phase, and is now moving into a growth stage.

  • R&D, innovation, customisation and sustainability are key factors in the success of ebm-papst

    With a focus on innovation, research and development and continuous improvement, ebm-papst A&NZ Pty Ltd is a local manufacturer that adds value to the products they supply to customers. Environmental sustainability is also a key focus for the business, which has adopted the GreenTech philosophy and has ISO 14001 accreditation.

  • Dreamweaver shipper encompasses the best in local innovation

    Dreamweaver IP Pty Ltd has designed the Dreamweaver shipper, which is a fully recyclable shipper for the transport of temperature-sensitive perishable products. Overcoming many challenges along the way, the owner has come up with a product that is effective, can move a wide variety of items, and is set to have a positive impact on the environment globally.